The new color management online training series being offered as part of Progressive Color Media’s product and services portfolio, developed and delivered by Prepress Training Solution, offers interactive, 24/7-accessible training on fundamentals of color management.

“We’re proud and excited about the new online color management training courses. The two initial courses now available are comprehensive and easy to follow. We’re confident that content publishers who take the course will become fluent in the basics of color management and ICC profiling to more rapidly and effectively bring jobs to higher levels of productivity and predictability,” says Dan Goodenow, Director of Services at Progressive Color Media.

We’re pleased to now deliver the first two courses, Color Management Theory and ICC Profiling, to an eager market. Both courses focus on using color-managed workflows to increase efficiency and reduce waste with consistent, predictable color.”

Light source and viewing conditions
Device dependent color
Device independent color
Color management tools
The color management process
Benefits of color management
The three C’s of color management
ICC profiles overview

ICC Profiling: What are ICC profiles? Why are profiles necessary? How do profiles work? This course teaches users the basics of ICC profiling, including “how to’s” on creating and using ICC profiles, which have become essential in color managed workflows.

Topics covered in the course include:

Introduction to ICC profiles
Rendering intents
Introduction to profiling software and hardware
Profiling instrumentation
Display profiles – creating and using display profiles
Color settings in Adobe® Creative Suite
Input profiles – creating and using input profiles in Adobe Photoshop®
Output profiles – creating and using output profiles in Adobe Photoshop
Advanced printer profile settings
Proofing in Adobe Photoshop
Profile inspection